Mission Statement

Bat CREW's mission is the Conservation and protection of bats worldwide, and their habitats; the Rescue and rehabilitation of local orphaned and injured bats; and when needed, lifetime sanctuary for bats unable to be returned to the wild.

Our objective is to raise public consciousness by Education (specializing in children) about the positive ecological impact bats have on our environment and the Welfare of bats world-wide, with special emphasis on the Bats of California.

The Bat CREW does not condone the sale of bats for any reason, the use of bats for research that is not for the direct benefit of bats, or the inhumane exclusion of bats. Inhumane exclusion includes the use of any and all types of bat traps. For more information on humane exclusion, please visit our Problem Bats page. If you are looking for help with a bat or bats, please go to our Local Help page.

The non-releasable bats in our care are provided a facility that offers them comfort and respect, for life. These bats, when appropriate, are used in an educational setting to serve as ambassadors for their kind to meet our educational objective.

In spring of 2001, beginning with a concerned early morning phone call about a grounded baby bat, a friendship/partnership was established with Robin Rice in Costa Rica.
The Bat CREW is (Fall 2002) pleased and excited to announce BAT CREW COSTA RICA.
Robin, our Director of Bat CREW Costa Rica (BCCR), invites you to visit her web site for some great pictures of Central American bats. Be sure to check out her wonderful account of Batting in Belize.


For important information on what is happening to bats around the world, please visit our
This page contains links and information regarding the destruction of habitat and some species. We hope you will join our crusade to put an end to this injustice.


The Bat CREW wishes to thank Brian Murphy for the use of his wonderful photos, Patrick Walsh for sharing his photos and information, and the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute for granting us permission to use the wonderful art work and amazing words of The Black Wolf. Blue skies!


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